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Poetic Blessings

A South African writer, self-published several poetry ebooks and 2 paperbacks.  The editor and publisher of Poets Unlimited, an international poetry magazine - featuring writers from all over the world - and the host of a Poetry Podcast - Poets Unlimited on and
It has always been my dream to start my own poetry magazine, to include beautiful writers from all around the world. I see beauty in everything, poetry is in my every breath. Working closely with Andy N and Amanda Steel has been a phenomenal steer in the right direction.  I want our readers to feel our words and be inspired by our stories.  I started writing after an incredible loss, most of my work will reflect on the hurt and loss but also show the incredible journey in healing through this painful loss.  I still write about pain, 16 years later and chances are I probably always will, but I also write about extraordinary love too.

About Me

Im already enjoying what Im reading, your magazine has a rather distinct style and viberance that I like. I feel that its layout and its colour scheme may not be comepletely a styalistic one. It seems to me that although you talk about communicating a sense of lose and pain you have once felt this magazine is more about sharing the vibarancy of love you also mention you wish to share. As if this is a conduit for that. 
Thank you for my complimentary copy. 
Im a few pages in and loving it so far
Hi ist icy cold this morning but have to tell you I love love love "Who am I ?" So when my time comes you have the task of reading this at my memorial and making them print it on my ash box !!! 
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