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Poetic Blessings

A South African writer, self-published several poetry ebooks and 2 paperbacks.  The editor and publisher of Poets Unlimited, an international poetry magazine - featuring writers from all over the world - and the host of a Poetry Podcast - Poets Unlimited on and

A poetry magazine changing lives, engaging the entire world, keeping poetry alive, one day at a time. A magazine like no other, massing encompassing stories and exhilarating tales from the depths of our earthly motherly soul.

Poets Unlimited, An exclusive monthly publication by author, writer, publisher, and influencer: Alta H Mabin, Who’s heart and soul reaches into each word to seek the promise of a soulful introduction, and conceived a magnificent masterpiece reiterating and amplifying the words of tomorrow, today and yesterday.

The magazine, conjured with heart, soul, and an abundance of love, was devised for those whose voice fell silent, those whose hearts felt heavier, and for those whose soul may feel tainted.

My magazine opens up a community of like-minded individuals from all across our globe, a space for the unchallenged, and a spot for the open-minded.

About Me

I'm already enjoying what I'm reading, your magazine has a rather distinct style and vibrancy that I like. I feel that its layout and its colour scheme may not be completely a stylistic one. It seems to me that although you talk about communicating a sense of loss and pain you have once felt this magazine is more about sharing the vibrancy of love you also mention you wish to share. As if this is a conduit for that. 
Thank you for my complimentary copy. 
Im a few pages in and loving it so far
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Alta H Mabin

Alta H Mabin